The connected mind for Business

An artificial intelligence which allows you to define conversations visually in minutes
and thereby control your business in natural language.

Get ready for the voice revolution

Building a Chat Bot

Define new ways to interact with your customers. Build a chat bot or a voice controlled application using's Voice Channel designer on Node-Red. In order to connect to your bot you can either connect to our RESTful api or use our existing integrations to Skype, Kik or our the apps in order to use your chatbot inhouse. In addition to that you can attach devices to your bot by defining a recipe on IFTTT.

Create Voice Channels visually

Map out your Interactions

You don't need to hire a developer or even an AI architect in order to use for your business. You can create Voice Channels visually using the nodes on Node-Red. You will thereby get your own instance of Node-Red running securely on IBM Bluemix.

Automate processes

Voice Control your Business

As the Internet of Things expands we need an easier way to interact with our technology. Processes are getting more and more complex and we need a way to manage them. That is why is a virtual assistant that speaks your language. Watch the video to learn how can help you automate your business processes. After watching the video start building your first Voice Channel.

Why you need


Possible scenarios for a successful implementation of Voice Channels may contain but are not limited to:

  • Business analytics: You want to know how many users signed up your website today? You may define a VC "how many users signed up today?". Doing that you created a shortcut that allows you to ask for that number whenever you want - everywhere. You don't need to manually query the database or ask your CTO - just ask Moni.
  • Customer support: You want to allow customers to use for customer support? You can publish a VC "I need help with my YOURBRAND dishwasher" and thereby allow customers to interact with your business. Doing that you can qualify the customer inquiry by defining the support process visually and maybe even solve the problem by providing relevant information to your customers. If needed your VC can immediately create a support ticket and capture necessary information from your customer.
  • Process automation: Using's VC capability you are able to automate processes in your company. Possibilites are virtually unlimited. Creating a VC "open the door" could unlock the door to the current building if your employee is authorized. "Unlock my user account to xyz" could reset a password to your company's intranet.
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  • on IBM Bluemix

    Building Voice Channels

    Be part of the voice revolution and control your business with your own Voice Channel: Companies and developers can implement custom capabilities into This allows you to define new ways to interact with your customers or voice control your business by automating internal processes (e.g. business analytics, reporting, etc.).
    Start building your Voice Channel now!

    New approach

    Neuro Inspired Technology

    Our neuronal network is unique and inspired by the human brain. It can 'predict' results instead of 'finding' results. The outcome is a self-organizing architecture that is unlimited in content, features, languages, etc.