Building Voice Channels

Defining Conversations Visually

Define new ways how is able to interact with your business.

Why you need Voice Channels

Voice Channels allow you to define custom interaction between you and your business. A Voice Channel starts with a trigger pattern that listens to. After a user said that trigger pattern you define what happens visually using Node-Red. Doing that you have full control over the process and you can query databases, retrieve relevant information or call APIs and perform tasks.

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How to build Voice Channels

VC can be built visually using Node-Red on IBM Bluemix. can help you implement your requirements - just provide us with your contact details in the contact form. If you prefer implementing a Voice Channel yourself first step is to sign up IBM Bluemix and setup a Node-Red environment. You can then use the Node-Red flow editor to define your conversation visually.

Create voice activated recipes on IFTTT

Voice Control for the Internet of Things

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: "if this then that".

Using's Channel on IFTTT you can easily attach devices to and define voice triggers for them. Those devices can be used along other Voice Channels and thereby provide a seamless user experience. In order to add voice to your favorite products and services, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit the Channel on IFTTT.

  2. Create a new recipe and select as your "this" Channel

  3. Come back to and start performing actions with your voice (be sure you are signed into the website or app before testing your IFTTT recipes!)

Detailed Instructions: How to create a recipe using the Channel on IFTTT.

Access the API

Build Your Own App

Using the api interface you are able to easily build your own app and provide it with natural language capabilities. If you don't want to go "offroad" and only want to reply to your Voice Channels you can turn off the general conversational capabilities in your user profile. For more details please read our setup guide. In order to get an overview on the capabilities read our API specification or see some examples on how to get started.

Automate interactions with your customers

Add to Your Website

You can easily add a widget to your website. Just enable the widget for your account and paste the code in your website. Users will then be able to trigger all your Voice Channels as if they were logged into your account.

Pricing is free for non-commercial use. Business customers can always start with the free developers edition that allows you to develop and test your Voice Channels with up to 1000 api calls/month. Please see our plans on IBM Bluemix for details. For any other requirements or questions please contact us. We can provide you with an individual offer matching your needs.