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Introducing Moni

The Connected Mind

Moni is an interactive virtual assistant which allows users to control their favorite apps, devices and appliances, all from one voice controlled platform.

Managing dozens of individual apps as well as multiple automated devices and appliances on a daily basis is challenging. As the Internet of Things expands we need an easier way to interact with and control our technology.

Moni enables us to control technology with our most natural form of communication, our voice.
Open Platform

Building For The Future

Be part of the voice revolution and connect your devices, appliances or services using our open platform. Companies and developers can help Moni learning new capabilities and use our platform to voice enable their products.

New Approach

Neuro Inspired Technology

Our neuronal network is unique and inspired by the human brain. It can 'predict' results instead of 'finding' results. The outcome is a self-organizing architecture that is unlimited in content, features, languages, etc.