Introducing Moni

The Connected Mind is an interactive virtual assistant which allows you to perform different actions
with the Internet of Things by simply asking Moni.

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Create voice activated recipes on IFTTT

Voice Control for the Internet of Things

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement...

With's Channel on IFTTT you can start putting the Internet of Things to work for you. In order to add voice to your favorite products and services, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Visit our partner IFTTT: click here.

  2. Create a new recipe and select as your "this" Channel

  3. Come back to and start performing actions with your voice

Moni speaks your language

Meet the Community

As the Internet of Things expands we need an easier way to interact with our technology. That is why Moni is a virtual assistant that learns your language. Thousands of users in our community teach Moni every day. Watch the video to learn how you can teach Moni. After watching the video start teaching Moni here.

Moni on your mobile device

Start Talking With Moni

Moni enables us to control technology with our most natural form of communication, our voice. In order to let you talk with Moni we developed the apps that are available on Android and iOS. Download the app on iTunes or on Google Play now!

Android app on Google Play
Open platform

Building for the Future

Be part of the voice revolution and connect your devices, appliances or services using our open platform. Companies and developers can help Moni learn new capabilities and use our platform to voice enable their products.
Tell us about your idea now!

New approach

Neuro Inspired Technology

Our neuronal network is unique and inspired by the human brain. It can 'predict' results instead of 'finding' results. The outcome is a self-organizing architecture that is unlimited in content, features, languages, etc.